Brijlal Hospital of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology provides psychological care to both inpatients and outpatients. The treatment provided is voluntary and individualistic. It is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists and trained nurses, of national and international repute. Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology provides assistance for a range of aspects for emotional well-being.

Brij Lal Hospital & Research Centre and Clinical Psychology has a specialised program for Emotional Well-being and therapy. The program is well developed to offer support for handling crisis in relationships, dealing with stress and other pressures, resolving fears, panics and anxieties, coping with family problems, working through difficult situations and breaking through depression and sadness.

Brij Lal Hospital & Research Centre and Clinical Psychology provides specialized counselling support to the patients to develop more fulfilling relationships, bringing out the creativity and encouraging self-expression, providing the motivation for assertion of your own needs and providing the patients a  sense of direction.

The Institute also provides support to various other specialities. The trained Psychologists and Psychiatrists provide support for rehabilitation post surgeries or trauma, de addiction, anti-smoking programs and alcohol de addiction. The experts provide guidance and support to geriatric patients, their relatives and support distressed patients coping with infertility, diabetes, cancer, HIV-AIDS, pre and post surgery trauma. The experts support the patients with anxiety, depression, ADD, bipolar and other behavioural issues. Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology has well-developed programs to deal with child psychology- ADD, shyness, stage fright, hyperactivity, lack of concentration and anxiety issues.

The Institute also has well-developed therapy and counselling programs for corporate and their employees that are focused on teamwork and enhancing a feasible environment at the workplace.


Name: Dr Vinita Kapoor


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