Critical and Intensive Care

Physicians are the best primary screening personnel and this has been practised at BLHRC since its conception. With most experienced and leading senior physician working under one roof, BLHRC has a lot more to offer than mere treatment of the disease. Apart from accurate diagnosis, timely intervention and management of an underlying complication, we focus on patient comfort, education about the underlying diseases and the various modalities of treatment as well as the patient’s choice of treatment.

Routine medical cases, as well as emergencies, are very efficiently handled by the physician leaving no stone unturned to diagnose and treat the condition. We have 24 hrs pathology and radio-diagnostic services to aid in the expert management of patients. BLHRC has all super speciality consultants- Neurologists, cardiologists, centre oncologists, CVTS, endocrinologists, haematologists, gastroenterologists, and rheumatologists. ICU at BLHRC hospital has all the latest technology to handle complicated cases. ICU has ventilators, ICU- Dialysis machines, NIBP, Intra-arterial BP, Monitoring, CVP monitoring, and IABP (Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump) facilities. Being a tertiary referral centre, we offer advanced care, unavailable in nearby localities.


Name: Dr Garima Pal

Anaesthesiologist & Critical Care Specialist

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Name: Adil Ahmad

Critical Care Specialist

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