CoronaVirus: Steps taken by BLHRC for Patient Safety

The threat of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), that originated in China’s Wuhan is becoming more imminent in India too.

Brijlal Hospital management called an emergency meeting and has started implementing elaborate arrangements to tackle corona virus or Covid-19 to ensure patient health and safety. This is our top priority.

Most of people who develop COVID-19 will have symptoms just like normal flu and they recover at home. Sometimes the symptoms may not be visible also; the patient may be asymptomatic.

But when the illness settles in the lungs, especially for some of the elderly and the most medically vulnerable, it can be life-threatening. Those cases require intensive inpatient care.

We are taking immediate steps to insure that patients, their family members and hospital staff are safe.

  • Screening of every one entering the hospital.
  • Hygiene and Sanitation Protocol. Hand washing and sanitation rates have been increased.
  • The hospital building is being routinely sprayed for sanitation including doors and door handles, lift, hand rails and all other contact areas.
  • Masks and glasses have been provided to care providers.
  • Restriction has been placed on visitors and vehicles