Director’s Message – Dr Ajay Pal

Dr Ajay Pal, Director (BLHRC)

Brij Lal Hospital and Research Centre is a research & technology development institute under the Pal group of management.

The hospital provides basic medical facilities as well as super speciality service to the clientele of Uttrakhand and neighbouring States. Here, I must share with you the Management of Brachial plexus and Peripheral Nerve injury this hospital is receiving patients from all over the country and has become a major institute in northern India to treat these kinds of injuries.

The Hospital is routinely performing cardiac bypass surgery, neonatal surgery, laparoscopic surgery and orthopaedic producers. The hospital has well-equipped ICU, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), cardiac cath lab, CT and MRI Facilities.

Patient has a very limited pocket, tremendous stress and the fear of unknown. The Patient while entering the hospital does not know what the doctors are going to diagnose. We, a team of medical Doctors and paramedical staff, try to take care of that aspect so that patients leave the hospital with utmost satisfaction.